Tenma 72-10395

Hello, I have a Tenma 72-10395 multimeter and I was wondering if there are piercing testing probes available for this unit or would there be another entry-level Multimeter with this feature that is quite cheap ?

Thanks for your assistance


Insultation piercing test probe sets can work with any meter. Depending on the make/model you buy they may require, adding the leads and banana plugs, using leads with banana plugs on both ends, or connect to a specific style of pin probe.

Oops, didn’t look up the specific multi-meter you have before answering. You have that very rare beast, a multi-meter without banana jacks for the test leads. I recommend you buy a DMM that has banana jacks so that you can use standard test lead sets.

You could replace the existing probes with inline banana jacks so that you can use standard test leads but that may cost more in parts and labor than just buying a new DMM with banana jacks.