Terminal Block Contacts

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Terminal block contacts are a component of an electrical interconnect system, which are applied to a conductor by crimping, soldering, or other method and inserted into a housing which provides electrical insulation and retention features for multiple sets of contacts. Similar to the contacts used in standard rectangular connector systems, they are differentiated on the basis of being designed for use with terminal block products that provide a pluggable wire-to-board interconnect function.


Pin or Socket: Indicates the contact gender. Can also indicate the shape/construction of the contact.

Contact Termination: Identifies how the contact attaches to the wire, such as crimp or solder.

Wire Gauge: The wire size or size range with which a product is designed for use, typically expressed in terms of American Wire Gauge.

Contact Finish: Indicates the finish/plating material applied to the contacts.

Contact Finish Thickness: Indicates the thickness of the finish/plating material applied to the contacts.



MFR PART # 1480000000
DIGI-KEY PART # 281-3116-2-ND - Tape & Reel (TR)
DESCRIPTION Contact Crimp Socket Tin


MFR PART # 3190564
DIGI-KEY PART # 277-5746-ND
MANUFACTURER Phoenix Contact
DESCRIPTION Contact Crimp Socket


MFR PART # 711-117
DIGI-KEY PART # 2946-711-117-ND
DESCRIPTION Contact Non-Gendered

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Hi, I was wondering if there were specific wire contacts for screw terminal blocks and your post seems to indicate that the answer is yes. With that truth, I am looking for the contact that I can crimp onto wire ends to insert into terminal blocks much like the Dinkle 5ESDVM-04P.
Is there an exact contact part intended for this block, or are we supposed to just find something that works adequately? My desired AWG range is 16-22, but I can live with 16-18.
Thanks very much for any contact part number tips you can provide.


Well I could not find on the Dinkle website that they supply contact terminals like the example. On the Dinkle data sheet they are providing wire ferrule dimensions. These are generally used for terminal blocks. It is going to be a larger list as I had to go from 16-22 awg. Generally these are not listed in a range so I am providing the whole stocking list:

You can narrow down the search just by choosing insulated or non insulated. When you know the wire gauge you are going to use you can choose that also.

We do have another post on wire ferrules here: Using and Crimping Wire Ferrules

Ferrules, excellent! Thanks.

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