Trying to find the right part for my application

I’m looking for a 1kohm potentionmeter with a SPDT switch on the low side of the range.
Looking for help selecting the right part


Thank you for contacting the Digi-Key Technical Forum. Well the only parts I can find with the 1K value and the SPDT are not stocking on this link:

The only stocking 1K pots with a built in switch are SPST on this link:

Unfortunately these are all I can find that are in stock where you can buy one and no minimum.

How about a pressure sensitive button? Analog output?

How many turns is this pot from off to fully on?



That’s a single turn pot.

Are you looking for something like one of these? Resistance decreases with increased force.

Example: 1027-1001-ND

That may work. What other hardware is required to make this work?
Depending on that answer,
I think if I could get a 3310H-004-202L pot to try, I may be in business. I’m just not sure if the 2k ohm resistance will work.
The machine I’m starting calls for a 1K ohm.

For the 1027-1001-ND pressure sensitive resistor, it would require a voltage source, a resistor, and an op-amp to buffer the the voltage. Also, depending on your application, some sort of cover for aesthetics and environmental protection.

Regarding the 3310H-004-202L, though it is application dependent, so we can’t say for sure, it’s fairly uncommon for a higher resistance pot to not be functional in place of a lower resistance pot. Usually you just give up resolution (harder to set to a given resistance because you may only be using part of the range). However, it all depends on the specifics of their circuitry as to whether it would be true in your case.

Thank you for the help.
I’ll proceed with a 2kohm rotary. I think it will be a more simple resolution for what I’m working on.