Two pin trimpot for a pioneer sx-1500td

------Question for 3386H-1-104TLF Please Put your question below------ I need a two pin trimpot 100k ohm the wiper goes to the right side pin. thanks for any help!

Hello ppoolman43, welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
The trimpots will have 3 terminals. Usually #1 & #3 will be the full resistance, and #2 will be the wiper.
If you can only use 2 pins, you can cut off #1 or #3, but make sure you cut the correct one off, as it will change if the resistance will go up or down when you turn it clockwise.

Hey David, I’m working on a pioneer sx-1500td receiver. the main amp board has a 100k trim pot with no number two pin. the wiper goes to pin3. The pins 1 and 3 are 11mm apart. Can you give me a solution? Thanks very much for your time. I have seen a bournes trim pot on the same boards on youtube. Thank again

Seems like Pioneer used a semi-custom or full custom trimpot configured as a variable resistor with the wiper shorted to one end (prevents open circuit when the wiper finally fails).

You may have to buy a normal stock trimpot and connect the wiper to one end making it a two pin variable resistor. Then mickey mouse how it fits onto the PCB.

Thanks Paul, That’s what I figured. Frankenstein it! If it works it works.