Question regarding potentiometer

I am putting a kit together and have a question about the connections. I am not sure which pins I need to connect to. Part number 3310Y-001-104L

Hello cfort87,

According to the schematic, once the pots are panel mounted, the two wires of each pot will go to the two outside leads of each pot. (the middle and each outside lead since this pot may have a staggered center lead)

If this were a volume application, the bottom pot would be fully down, and the top pot would be fully up when each are turned clockwise when turning from the face of that panel.

I’m sorry but I’m still not sure which outside pin I need to solder the connection wires to. I am aware that each of the 2 pots gets soldered to the center pins but which of the 2 other pins do I solder to for each pot? Also I’m not sure in which orientation I should look at the pot physically to determine which of the 2 other pins is which. I do know if I look at the bottom of the pots I see a gel like substance, white in color, surrounding the 3 pins and if I position it correctly it forms a triangle with the center pin on top. Please clarify this for me. I do appreciate your help! Thank you!

The pictorial says it is showing the back of the trimmer potentiometers, which is the side without the screwdriver adjustment slot.

Hi cfort87,

Honestly, it doesn’t really matter to which of the two outside pins you solder your wires. The only thing affected by which pin you choose is whether you turn clockwise or counter clockwise to increase or decrease the timing. I believe the caution they mention is about making sure you connect R3 to the top two pins of the header and R5 to the bottom two.

It also does not matter whether the middle pin of each potentiometer connects to the + or - header pins, as potentiometers are not polarity sensitive. However, I would probably follow their example simply to make it look like their drawing.