P120KGP-F20BR100K Potentiometer issue

I just received (10) of these from DigiKey. On all (10) R1 between pins 1 and 3 measure around 90K and R1 will not adjust at all when the shaft is rotated. On all (10) R2 between pins 1 and 3 measure between about 1K to 90K when the shaft is rotated as expected. It seems like R1 is not working at all.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a defect?


Welcome to the Technical Forum.The way I see it they should both be changing when you rotate the shaft. They very well could be defective. Unfortunately I can’t do anything with a defective part on the forum. You can contact customer service or do the online return request.

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You can wait and see if anyone else has any suggestions , but I can’t see why it would not adjust the same for R1 and R2.

Hi @mstough84 ,

Thank you for reaching DigiKey TechForum. Defects are typically very rare, therefore it may be worth double checking the pin out diagram.

Thanks! I did check the pinout diagram again with the same result. I will wait and see if anyone else makes any suggestions.

Pins designated 1 and 3 appear to be the fixed terminals for each potentiometer. Variation between these would not be expected as a consequence of shaft rotation.

Please check the measurements again, noting that the terminals may not be in the expected relative order.