I purchased the UBLOX XPLR-AOA-1 eval kit and have it working successfully. The kit came with one C209 tag and one c211 antenna board. I’d like to purchase a extra tag. I’ve been advised that the C209 tag is not sold separately but I should be able to use any Eddystone BLE with 5.1 direction finding capability. I know it uses a NINA-B406 UBLOX chip and I see they are available on DigiKey but would prefer to buy a complete tag. Can I use another brand of tag or possibly an ESP32?

I am going to send this to the Product Specialist. I am not sure on this question.


Using a different tag than the C209 is not recommended. You could try it but the tag would need to flashed with the appropriate firmware in order to be seen by the C211.


My distributor DIGIKEY (where I asked this question) does not sell C209 tags individually (not listed) so… I’m left with buying another full XPLR kit just to get another tag? That’s not going to happen unless I need another antenna board. Let me rephrase this: WHERE CAN I BUY A SPARE C209 TAG (or something that will work the same)?

I apologize but the C209 tags are not sold separately at this time. This product is manufactured for proof of concept purposes. There are two options for purchasing the C209 tags and the C211 board at this time, they are the one you purchased, XPLR-AOA-1, and XPLR-AOA-2.
There will be additional options coming in the future.