Use and Storage of Pre-Cut Wires for Industrial Control Panel Construction

This short article provides a construction tip to help increase the speed at which you construct control panels.

Control panel assemblers and educators may be able to save time by using pre-cut and ferruled wires. It’s a simple argument that suggests we work faster when concentrating on a single task. For example, we are faster when we collect the tools, the required materials, and then focus on assembling wires of specific lengths. This deliberate work promises to be faster than intermittently cutting wires as they are required.

Once the wires are cut and terminated, they will need to be stored. The PVC pipe such as pictured below provides an elegant solution. The contents of each pipe are readily apparent. This allows multiple wires colors to be stored in the same pipe such as the blue and white with blue stripe shown in the picture. You can then remove single wires quickly without tangling. It’s been my experience that lengths up to 4 feet are easily handled with this method.

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