Validate the VSWR & DPD path/port validation in RFSoC

If my PCBA. I want to test my RFSoC VSWR & DPD ports. which will be connected to the PA PCBA. Is it possible to validate the VSWR & DPD ports without connecting the PA section? If feasible please share the possible test methods.

Could you please provide the part number this question is about?

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Hello Jeff,


What is the board you are using? Or target device?

We are planning to use this part in our RRH. We want to validate the RFSoC digital section & low power RF interfaces of this RFSoC. We are able to plan the Tx & Rx test method . How can I test the VSWR & DPD path of RFSoC in my PCBA.

Hi user80,

This is beyond our field of expertise. I believe that would require designing the board to allow access to test equipment such as a VNA. To make a functional system, one would want to design the board using appropriate simulation tools to characterize the traces.

Thanks David for the confirmation.

Please see the response from the Product Manager.

C-band 280MHz iBW DPD demonstration with Zynq RFSoC - YouTube.

I would try this and see if he can get some ideas, granted this is using the ZCU208 board aka 122-EK-U1-ZCU208-V1-G-ND, along with XM655, Skyworks; the 122-HW-SMARTLYNQ-PLUS-G-ND is used to configure the FPGA along with a scope to actually measure outputs. They are also using SKY66523-11 Power Amplifier aka PA. the ZCU208 dev kit comes with some add ons to help, but again if they are using their own homegrown RFSoC device, I would not be sure.