Verify this potentionmeter

Pretty sure I’ve found the right part but the datasheet intimidates me and I don’t want to make a mistake. I’m including 2 pictures and the link to the part I think we need.

And the pics


Part RV4NJ253C-ND

Thank you so much.

Just got the part today and the shaft is way too long. I ordered the part you linked to and it won’t work at all. How can I get the correct part?

The markings on the part pictured appear to be inconsistent with its form: per the datasheet a “type AB” device with “CU” prefix has a 2" shaft.

An equivalent device with shorter 0.875" shaft should have been marked “CMU2531E.” While that’s in stock as CMU2531E-ND, you may wish to take measurements to ensure that the markings are not incorrect in other ways as well.

Assuming that the device received does match electrically the one to be replaced, shortening a shaft might take all of about 15 seconds using a dremel or similar tool.


Ah-ha! Your Dremel comment got me looking at it more carefully and that’s what has happened. No notch and for sure has been cut. Thanks for taking the time to reply.