Vicor BCM reverse mode

Hello everyone!!!

I am using Vicor BCM6123TD1E5135T01 DC-DC modules in my tethered drone project for university.

I am concerned about the ability of the BCM modules to operate in reverse power mode. In my project, we would like to eliminate the possibility of putting the modules in reverse power mode because the self-induction voltage from the drone motors will force the BCM6123TD1E5135T01 to operate in reverse mode. At the same time, the use of diode circuits to prevent the transition to reverse power mode will lead to undesirable consequences (increased heat dissipation of the device, lower efficiency, significantly increased mass due to increased heatsink, etc.).

Do BCM modules have the ability to completely disable the reverse power mode? Or perhaps there is a circuitry solution for BCM modules that prevents going into reverse power mode?

Thank you in advance for your help in solving this question.


The reverse mode operation of the BCMs is attendant to the devices’ topology, and not an option that can be independently disabled without resorting to external means.

Assuming the application is on-craft downconversion of power sent up the tether in a quadcopter-on-a-string sort of arrangement, a condition where power is being sent back down would not seem likely to last long… If its genuinely an issue, one might consider dealing with it at the other end of the tether where size and mass are presumably less objectionable.

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