Vivado Design Suite by Xilinx

Vivado Design Suite by Xilinx is a great software package that serves as a development environment for Xilinx’s FPGA packages.

Xilinx offers the software in two different styles of licenses, floating and fixed node.

  • Floating Node License will allow your outfit to host the license on a server and delegate access to the software at the time of use over a network. This allows for any number of software installs and regulates entitlements based on a number of users vs the number of licenses hosted

  • Fixed Node License is the single-seat machine entitlement. The software is hosted and run from the end user’s personal computer. Note that Xilinx allows you to change the seat in use “re-host” via their license manager.

NOTE: When you order licenses from Digi-Key the order will need time to process, despite being electronically delivered.

If you are having problems starting or completing a download. These troubles may be related to your system, your ISP and connection to the Internet, or the interaction of your system with the Xilinx Product Download and Licensing Sites. Here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Make sure you are using a recent browser version, preferably an 8.x or later version of Internet Explorer, or a 10.x or later version of Firefox.
  • If downloading through a firewall and/or proxy server, contact your system administrator to make sure downloads are allowed through the firewall and that your system is configured properly to allow downloads. Review the parameters for file size cache as well.
  • Make sure you have plenty of disk space! Allow at least 2-3 times more disk space than the file size itself. (For a 200 MByte zip file, for example, you may need as much as 600 MBytes of free disk space.)

Xilinx has an extensive list of FAQs for its Vivado Licensing. Found here:

Need other assistance? Xilinx has you covered:

  • WebCase - Submit a WebCase to Xilinx Technical Support
  • Answer Records - Search the Answers Database from our main support page
  • Documentation - Software Manuals, User Guides, Data Sheets, and Application Notes.
  • User Forums - Scan the threads for topics of interest or create your own in this Xilinx User Community.

What, specifically, do We, as Digi-Key, send to customer? Is it an e-mail with the license key, or an actual package with the key?