W-to-W Connections requiring minimal space

I’m looking for a way to connect 2 26AWG wires in a very restricted space (approximately 0.07" by 0.04, though the latter could go up to 0.09" in a worst case. There’s a bit more wiggle room on length, though again, smaller is best). The maximum voltage would be 340 VRMS, with a maximum current of 1.5-2A.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hello scf9009,

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I have looked through all the smaller connectors in our system. Unfortunately, I don’t have a connector option to offer with those size restrictions. The smaller free-hanging housings can be viewed here Connectors, Interconnects | Rectangular Connectors - Housings | DigiKey. To view the dimensions of the parts, please review the datasheet on the product page for the part.

Thank you!

How about solder sleeves (https://www.digikey.com/short/4t5jbn) or a wire splice connector (Connectors, Interconnects | Terminals - Wire Splice Connectors | DigiKey) ?

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Hi scf9009,

The solder sleeve or splice suggested by Lindsay might be plausible. One would have to check dimensions for options.

As for connectors, I don’t think you will find any that are capable of meeting your specifications. As the connectors get smaller, the current and voltage ratings tend to drop. Getting a connector small enough to meet your dimensional specs will make the 340Vrms voltage spec nearly, if not absolutely, impossible to meet.

The smallest connector I could find is the SUHR-02V-S.

It’s a tiny connector but still a bit larger than your max physical requirements. Even so, the largest wire it can take is 28AWG, the max current is only 1A, and the max voltage is 30Vac, which is nowhere near your 340Vac spec.

When you say connect two wires, do you mean 2 wire ends or 4 wire ends?
I hope this is a repair, seems like a bad design if not.
If you’re kludging maybe you could cut the tip off of a 26awg ferrule, and use it as a butt splice. Even heat shrink tubing might not fit in those dimensions though. Maybe teflon sleeve would fit