Want li-ion battery charger powered by an Arduino

I’m looking for a small Li-Ion battery charger that I want to power from an Arduino 5V output. I make litlte robots that use single cell (3.7V), or sometimes double cell lithium batteries. Since I use point-to-point wiring as much as possible, to save space, I don’t have a way to recharge the battery. So…I was thinking when I plug the Arduino into a USB port, there is power available at the 5V pin of the Arduino (I use about 6 different types, all have 5V o/p. I could use this for charging the li-ion, maybe. The idea is to charge the battery somehow through the Arduino, without taking apart any wires. I’ve been looking at Microchips MCP73831/2 but not available here and the Max1811 which is too expensive (cost more than the Arduino). Or could I do this with a program (same Arduino, use a switch to change)?

Hello @queenidog,

We have a few dev boards that should work for this. Take a look at the dev boards here Evaluation and Demonstration Boards and Kits | Evaluation Boards | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

Thank you!