Weigh multiple items of 0.5 g

Are there units capable of weighing up to 100 individual items simultaneously that weigh 0.3 g

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Your question is very interesting, but requires a bit more details to give you an exact answer. I have searched through our website to try to match your criteria.

This bench and floor device would be able to measure multiple items that fit in your weight requirement; However, if you were to place only a couple items, the scale would not work, as the lowest readability is 10g. You would need a minimum of 34 items (0.3g x 34 items = 10.2g). The scale is large, so it should give enough room, but it depends on dimensions of the item that you are looking to weigh.

Additionally, this scale could meet every weight requirement, but it may not hold 100 pieces. If the items are easily stackable, this may work.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Here are a few that just might be able to resolve that.

  • PCE-BSK 310 resolution of 0.001 g, repeatability of ± 0.002 g, linearity of ± 0.003 g

  • HCB 123 resolution of 0.001 g, repeatability of ± 0.0008 g, linearity of ± 0.003 g

The PCE-BSK 310 has the proper specifications. However I want to buy just the load cell so I can build a device that would be capable of weighing many (72) items simultaneously.

I see we have the 223-1525-ND, which is a load cell for 500gf.
Please check the datasheet to verify compatibility to your application.

I could not find any load cell with sufficient resolution, i.e. able to resolve in the neighborhood of 0.003 grams. I found nothing which could do better than about 1 gram.

Greetings, according to the datasheet for the PCE-BSK 310 it is equipped with a piece counting function so it should be capable of weighing multiple pieces. Unless you need to build the device for some other purpose building your own should not be necessary.

We have a number of scales available in the following link specifically built for weighing and counting pieces. Specialty Equipment | Equipment | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey, many of them should meet or exceed the specifications you requested. Please review the datasheets for more information.

Please note they are Marketplace products and as such are only available within the U.S. at this time. For more information on Marketplace products please see Digi-Key Marketplace - Site Help, Information and Feedback / Digikey.com Navigation and Terminology - Electronic Component and Engineering Solution Forum - TechForum │ Digi-Key

If you are outside the U.S. and these will not work for you I recommend Googling “counting scales” to find similarly equipped items that may be available to you.