What is recommended PCB footprint for WCM 9070FASV-701-LM?

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What is recommended PCB footprint for FCM9070ASV?

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I suspect there is typo in the part number since DigiKey and Google searches return no results for “FCM9070ASV” except this forum thread.


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I too was not able to find anything relative with that number FCM9070ASV. Do you have any more info on it?


Is it part number WCM 9070FASV-701-LM that you are asking about?

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Kindly see the recommended board layout for WCM 9070FASV-701-LM

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Thank you for the footprint. That’s what I needed!
Is there some PDF with collection of TAI-TECH footprints?

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Sorry for the misprint in the topic heading. Of course I was meaning WCM 9070 series, not FCM.

There would be a PDF collection but TAI-TECHs online catalog is completely down at the moment.