What is the Difference Between Bel Inc. - BC-66RS and BC-66SS Modular Cables

The Bel Inc. - BC-66RS and BC-66SS are both 6p6c plug to plug modular cables. The difference between the two is the orientation, the “SS” is a straight cable and the “RS” is a reversed cable, how this affects the cable is shown in the below diagrams.
Straight Cable
Reversed Cable

Both of these cables are available with the following suffixes: 007F, 014F, 025F.

The cables are the same, the only difference in them is the length, the “F” stands for feet and the number signifies how many. For example, BC-66SS007F is a seven foot straight cable while BC-66RS025F is a 25 foot reversed cable.

For more information and specifications please see the datasheets: BC-SSXXXF and BC-RSXXXF

Applicable Part Numbers
Digi-Key Part Numbers Manufacturer Part Numbers
1847-BC-66RS025F-ND BC-66RS025F
1847-BC-66SS025F-ND BC-66SS025F
1847-BC-66RS014F-ND BC-66RS014F
1847-BC-66SS007F-ND BC-66SS007F
1847-BC-66SS014F-ND BC-66SS014F
1847-BC-66RS007F-ND BC-66RS007F