What temperature probes are used with the Digilent 6069-410-060 multifunction USB DAQ device?

what type of temperature
probe is used for the diligent logger

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The Digilent 6069-410-060 logger is a general-purpose digital / analog device. It features several 12-bit analog inputs.

A simple answer is to configure the logger for a single ended application and then use a device such as the STMicroelectronic LM335Z analog sensor. Unfortunately, you will need to provide an external power supply to provide between 5 and 24 VDC for the sensor.

Tech Tip: The series resistor for the LM335 is chosen based on the power supply. As a general rule, select the resistor for about 1 mA at room temperature.

There are many alternatives ranging from thermistors to offerings from industrial automation and control.

Please tell us more about your application and we may be able to provide a better recommendation.

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As already mentioned that is general purpose logger.

If all you want to log is temperature you should consider the Digilent temperature logger series.

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