Which ESR to choose for a 5.5v 0.10f SuperCap

A customer has asked me to replace the battery backup in their JVC X’Eye.

So, I pulled the cap and it is a 5.5v 0.10F Super Cap with lead spacing at .200

I’ve looked at the service manual and it lists the part, but all it says is AL ECAP. Where all the other parts have the specs this one doesn’t probably cause it is such a standard part.

Went and sorted the parts on digikey and found plenty of equivalents, but not sure on which one to get as the only number that is unknown is the ESR.

Some have ohms and some have ohms @ 1khz. I measured the supercap I have and it comes back at 98ohms, but not sure if it is supposed to be 100, 120, 150, 200… and whether it is supposed to be rated at the ohm for 1khz. Without the info from the service manual and no datasheet not sure what to do. I thought having a lower esr was better, but don’t know how it will effect saving games if I choose the wrong one.

Anybody that can explain this to me so I understand would be greatly appreciated as I’m completely self-taught if that is obvious already. :smiley:

Hello: Here’s a link to a manual for the JVC X’Eye which was updated in 2016. Pages 56 and 57 show all the capacitors used on the board, however I didn’t locate a 5.5V .1uf option.
ESR is resistance in series with your capacitor . Low ESR is important if there’s a lot of ripple current in your capacitor . The RMS ripple current will cause heating (I^2R) losses in the capacitor , and additional ripple voltage. It will also affect the frequency response of your capacitor .

You may find this ESR tutorial helpful.

These are the stocking options for the 1uf 5.5V with .200 lead spacing.

Technical Reference number:T4165861

Everything you provided is way over my head. If the super cap I have is measuring at 98 ohms with an ESR meter should I get one of those results you provided with 100 ohms esr or one with a lower rating esr?

Yes, I would say anything 100 or less will be more than adequate.

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