Why is it called a 'BOMB DECK'?

I have been looking at micro SD card reader/writer modules online, for instance:


Most SD card reader/writer web pages refer to something called a “self bomb deck” which makes mounting/dismounting the micro SD card easy. I know they’re referring to the little metal housing into which the micro SD card clicks, but try as I might, I can’t find out why the words BOMB DECK are used to identify it. Can you shed any light on my question? Does BOMB stand for 4 words, maybe?


I looked at a variety of data sheets for uSD holders and breakout boards on Digi-Key. I can’t find that term used on any of the data sheets but they also are all written with good English grammar.

I suspect it’s a mistranslation since I only see it in writing that is overall very bad English grammar.


I think that’s right. The more I try to research this, the more I think that one source goofed it up, and everybody else just took for granted that the English words were correct. Kinda funny, but kinda sad, too. Translating from one complex language to another complex language has its challenges.

Thanks very much for the response!

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I’m not familiar with the term “BOMB DECK” either. I agree something has be lost in the translation.

Just realized all my Google searches trying to figure this out has probably alerted homeland security :grin: