Will this product come with a vivado license to program the board?

Will this product( EK-U1-KCU105-G) come with a license for Vivado enterprise version for this specific board as the product is not supported by Vivado free edition?

According to AMD you would use Vivado Design Suite: Design Edition which is Node locked & device-locked to the Kintex UltraScale KU040 FPGA, with 1 year of updates

AMD Kintex UltraScale FPGA KCU105 Evaluation Kit (xilinx.com)


Thank you for contacting DigiKey , per the quick start guide ,
Step 5
Redeem the Vivado Tools License Voucher To redeem the Vivado Tools voucher code, go to www.xilinx.com/getlicense and enter the voucher code shown below. After it is redeemed, the licenses appear in your entitlement account, and you can generate a license file, which will be emailed to you. For additional assistance redeeming your voucher, go to www.xilinx.com/kits/voucher.

Note: This voucher code can only be used once and must be redeemed within one year of purchase.

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I understand the process of redeeming the license but I’m just wondering whether buying this item would give me that license or would i need to purchase the enterprise version for Vivado?

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Per the manufacturers website for part number EK-U1-KCU105-G(122-1939-ND) under Product Information and What’s Inside includes KCU105 Evaluation Board, 1x Fiber Optic Patch Cable, 2x 10Gbps SFP+ modules, Vivado™ Design Suite: Design Edition Voucher Code(Node locked & Device-locked to the XCKU040 FPGA, with 1 year of updates) and 1x FMC Loopback Card