Wireless 315MHz receiver and switch help

Our under cabinet LED lights are controlled by a dual rocker, self-powered, 315MHz wireless switch that sends signal to an Illumra 24V wireless dimmer receiver (315MHz), model E3X-D02FP. This is DigiKey part# 1082-1007-ND. That dimmer receiver is connected to a Mean Well AC converter, DigiKey part# 1866-3838-ND.

The issue is that the Illumra dimmer receiver has gone bad, and they do not make them any more. All they do is 900MHz nowadays. Although DigiKey does sell these receivers, they are a non-stock item, and as such, will not sell me 1 or 2 of them. They would sell me two of the 900MHz receivers, E9X-D02FL, and I mistakenly purchased two of those thinking were 315MHz model.

Can anyone please suggest what I might do, or need, to get my 315MHz solution working? I actually have two sets of LEDs controlled from the dual rocker switch. Since one of them is still good, I’d like to keep this 315MHz solution and not have to spend money to convert it all out. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks.

Hi mlcasto99,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Unfortunately we do not have a 315Mhz option for a replacement that we have available in less than manufacturer minimum quantities.