WR31 Modem Constantly resets at random times

I have a WR31 Cell modem that i recently did the Verizon update to it and it is running firmware V7.1.1.2. i did the verizon update about 2 weeks ago now and the modem worked perfect for the first 5 days then all of a sudden i was having some comms issues to a station. I use the modem to bridge data from a wireless network out in the field. About 24 hours later everything was fine and started working in the middle of my troubleshooting. Now 7 days later my issue has reappeared but now i have it traced down to the cell WR31 WR31-M52A-DE1-TB cell modem. As soon as the modem connects to verizon it reboots itself. I have been trying to update the firmware but the modem reboots itself before the update can complete. I have also done a restore to factory default which made no difference. Any help on the situation would be very much appreciated.


Hello @Jeramie,

For an issue of that nature I would recommend that you submit a ticket on the Digi Support Form.