75000 volt diode

There are special spark plug wires made for a motorcycle engine and in a book discussing these wires the author states “make your own ,you need to obtain 75000 volt 250 milliamp diodes” but he also states he’s never been able to obtain them. Reason for such high voltage is ignition system uses a magneto and at high rpm the magneto delivers about 70000 volts. (I am just quoting the book here,I actually know very little about this stuff). On various forums people offer solutions,some state the person that actually does make these types of plug wires (only one person makes them) may have the diodes custom made. One person also stated he believes it’s more than just diodes and there is some sort of voltage multiplier or something and it’s not as simple as just inserting a diode into the cable. At any rate,has anyone ever heard of such a high voltage diode? I have some that are 45000 volt 100 milliamp but those are def. not near the 75000 250 milliamp rating that is being suggested. I’ve pretty much spent hours searching and haven’t found anything. Picture a diode from a microwave oven which are usually 12000 volts but what I need would be 75000 volts. Thanks.


Diodes with such ratings may exist, but as suggested they are not common and we have none in stock.

Connecting a number of devices with lesser voltage rating in series may offer a path to the desired functionality.