AC/DC welder mosfet substitute

Hello I have a welder with a couple of blown mosfets. Am I better off to install higher rated or a similar substitute
They are a Motorola .

Thank you

Welcome to the DigiKey tech forum. I would try stick with the same part if possible since that’s what was specified by the manufacturer. Higher ratings can also be good as long as you can match the part properly. I looked for information on this part and wasn’t able to find anything. Do you have any more information you can provide on it ?

I believe the original part based on the marking is MTY100N10E, which is obsolete with zero stock.

The best alternative I can find to this is NTY100N10G-ND - however there is a 38 piece minimum quantity.

Another suitable option would be 150-APT10M11LVRG-ND, which is in stock and zero minimum quantity.