Adapting Male jumper wire for Molex

Hello all,

I am trying to repair battery cyclers for our research lab.
We believe the transformers are broken, we ordered new ones but the wiring is different.
In the image attached, the left is the ends of our new transformer, the 4 rectangular slot molex is the old transformer. Inside the molex are these square metal connectors, I think they are female breadboard jumper cable types?

Should I buy or is there a way to buy those female end tips?

For sure we need to buy the molex piece like this but they don’t include the square ends for the wire


It is commonplace for connector components of this type to be sold separately, the plastic piece is known as a housing, into which the electrical contacts are inserted after being applied to a wire, typically by crimping or soldering.

You seem to have identified the product page for the housing needed; if you scroll down that page, there’s a section titled “Associated Products” wherein a selection of contacts is linked. Options exist with varying plating materials (gold vs tin etc.) and the range of wire sizes accommodated.

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Do you mean the contacts , Click Here

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