AMPMODU voltage confusion

Hi there,

I am rebuilding a switch to a Eureka Mignon coffee grinder (this one: Eureka Mignon Grinder Activating Microswitch kit (2311.0100) - Made In Italy | eBay).

It’s not the main power switch, but the secondary switch that activates the grinder motor.

I’m rebuilding because I need longer wire and I’m going to attach to a new toggle switch.

I believe I’ve IDd the correct housing (2 position TE 280358)

I’d use a connector like this: 281556-2 TE Connectivity AMP Connectors | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey

I’m just confused about using parts of the same or higher rating. These 2 products are both rated for 40 VAC/VDC and 3 amps. However, the grinder itself is 120 volt and 1.9 amp so the voltage is way under.

Did I ID the wrong connector housing? It looks like other AMPMODU housings and connectors are offered at much higher voltage but I haven’t found one like this that would fit the existing board housing.

Are there other components on the circuit (ex. capacitor) that would change the voltage for the secondary motor switch?

Thanks for your help.


Reverse engineering can be hard. There is something wrong with the Te website and I am unable to open the data at this time. So I would have to go with it is rated for the 40 VAC/ VDC at 1.9A. Usually the Te parts do have some reference to Te on the parts you receieve. The part on your grinder is most likely a proprietary part. It still could be a Te part number , yet could have some different materials to make the part be rated for the higher voltage. The Molex Sl series is slightly different yet seems to have better ratings.
0050579702 is the part number