Antique can capacitor replacement

I’m replacing 1-inch diameter, multi-section, twist-lock capacitors in several vintage radios. Values are 80, 60, 40 uF, but I don’t have to match that exactly. I expect to have to add caps in parallel. Does Digi-Key have anything close? 1-inch diameter is hard to find.

Welcome to the TechForum! I have looked for the parts with the capacitance that you are looking for. Below are link for the different capacitor values that you have provided. You will need to select the voltages that you need.

# 40 µF
# 60 µF
# 80 µF

I was not able to find twist lock capacitors.

Because of the changes in technology any modern high quality capacitors are going to be a lot smaller that the original parts.

Assuming the look of the old capacitors based on size is aesthetically important, then an idea I stumbled on, I think on Hackaday, is the way to go. You carefully dismantle the original capacitors and install the new capacitors inside the old cases. Because the old capacitors are usually completely dried out, it’s much safer dissecting very old parts than it is dissecting a new part. You keep the look of the original while using better performing modern components.

IIRC, the article I saw this in said it was inspired by the counterfeit capacitors from China where the outside is an expensive large value electrolytic, but hidden inside is cheap low value and cost part.

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