Need to replace filter in old,old radio

What could I order to replace the old can filter in this old vintage radio

Sprague 10/10/10 - 450v 20 - 25V

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The multisection capacitor you mentioned was often used in vacuum tube radios and Hi-Fi units in the late 1950 to mid 1960s. They provided a continent and compact solution for the main power supply.

I suspect you are asking about a “twistlock” capacitor. These are aluminum cans about 1.5 inches in diameter that mount above the chassis. They have metal tabs that are twisted into place to hold the capacitor to that chassis - often soldered to improve electrical contact.

To my knowledge DigiKey does not sell this product. Recommendations:

  1. Search for New Old Stock (NOS) on online auctions. The problem is that the capacitors are many decades old and may need to be gently reformed.

  2. Search supplies that specialize in this type of produce. One potential supplier is Search for “twistlock” (

  3. Rebuild the capacitor using modern capacitors. Know that modern capacitors are small and will easily fit in the can. It will take some creativity to preserve the original look. I’ve done it and the result are hard to distinguish from the original.

  4. Use modern capacitors and terminal strips mounted under the chassis. Please see this post. To get you started please consider these 10 uF 450 VDC capacitors.

Kindly respond with pictures of your project. Please let us know if we can provide further assistance.

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