Board Stand-offs and Spacers

Board stand-offs and spacers are used in many different applications and are often a source of questions. This post is being created to help explain some of the most common questions.


Spacer vs Standoff

Generally when you look at the difference between a spacer and a stand-off, you think stand-offs have threading and spacers do not. You will find this is true for many of the parts in this category, however recently we have seen some manufacturers cloud this definition by calling their stand-offs “threaded spacers.” If you are searching the Digi-Key site the easiest way to sort would be to choose first if you want a threaded part or and unthreaded part.


Here is a quick picture guide to help show the different genders available in stand offs.

Female to Female

Male to Male
Male to Female

Male Blank
Female Blank

Though not shown well in this picture the opposite end of this would be closed off similar to the Male Blank above.

Female Force Fit

Female Swage

Between Board height

This measurement causes confusion at times. When you are looking at a female to female standoff or spacer this would be an overall height. In a male to male standoff or a male to female standoff it would be the non threaded portion.