Bobcat T300 Joystick Harness Connector

Attempting to identify the make/type of connector (more specifically the sockets inside) on this joystick wiring harness off of a 2004 Bobcat T300 Turbo. They are smaller than a metri-pack 150 series connector from what I can tell. One picture shows a Deutsch DT socket for comparison

Additional pics

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. Are the contacts you’re looking for being used in the black connector housing at the end of the cable? The reason I ask is identifying a contact by size is nearly impossible without knowing the manufacturer series. Are there any markings on that housing, letters or numbers (they would be small) , if so we may be able to ID the manufacturer and series to narrow down the contact search.

Ah, it does have AMP on the small black connector

Thanks, it’s a TE Connectivity AMP connector. How many positions are on that, looks like 6 ? Also what is the wire gauge size being used that the contacts are crimped to ?

It also has what looks like D7 under the AMP stamping. It is a 1x7 connector housing.

The wires look to be somewhere around 22-20AWG

Check this contact, Digikey part A34251-ND as a possible option.

Here’s the drawing to compare dimensions.

This looks to be the correct socket when comparing dimensions. I wonder if these could be crimped using a Blue-Point PWC47 crimp tool? That is the closest I have it seems.

The manufacturer tool listed for crimping this contact is part A100173-ND which may not be practical if your only crimping a few contacts . It looks like the Blue-Point PWC47 crimp tool should work as an all purpose crimp tool for this. Maybe just order a couple extra contacts to practice with on a separate piece of wire.

That is exactly what I will do. Need 5, ordering 10. Thank you very much for the help! Someone that directed me to DigiKey also mentioned a ruler that is very handy? Could you please shed some light on that so I can possibly order one of those also?

The ruler you’re referring to is probably this one, Digikey part DKS-PCB-RULER-ND . There is no photo but you can get an idea of what it looks like here, PCB-RULER-12INCH_Rev_2016.pdf (

Thank you very much again, I will definitely reccomend your website to anyone nedding assistance identifying connectors and am sure I will be utilizing your website again myself!
Order has been placed.

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