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------Question for EMS22Q31-B28-LS4 Please Put your question below------
Does this part come with the cable referenced in it’s datasheet? If not, what is the part number for the mating cable referenced in the datasheet?

Welcome to the Technical Forum. This part is PCB board mount. So no . It does not come with the ribbon cable. Looking at the part number of EMS22Q31-B28-LS4, per the data sheet the L is the PCB board pin.

You can configure the part number changing the L to M or W to get the ribbon cable instead of the PCB pins. This would be a special order request . Standard MFG minimums and lead time would apply. We can’t do this process on the Technical Forum. I do not see the cable listed so I would say that only comes with the encoder.

We do not know what the minimums and lead time are until we submit for the quote.

Hello @andrewjacobson ,

EMS22Q31-B28-MS4 is the special order part number for Rear Ribbons Cable with Connector
EMS22Q31-B28-WS4 is the special order part number for Rear Ribbons Cable - No Connector
-Standard ribbon cable is 10 inches long. Consult us for other lengths.

These can be specially ordered through our Special Order Product Request Form, click here.

Otherwise, the ribbon cable assembly connectors listed on the datasheet are 6 position, single row, 2mm pitch spacing which appear fairly generic, and being the pins on the backside of the encoder are 0.5mm wide x 4mm length I would think a generic cable assembly like these (click here) would work, but they will not latch onto the encoder. However, Bourns does not have a ribbon cable readily listed for these, and I cannot guarantee that an off-the-shelf cable will work on a board mounted encoder. Please review datasheet specifications before ordering to see if they will work for your specific application.