Capacitor marking and coil

Could you identify the capacitor below, and the coil?
Thank you

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Hello Speedcrew,

Could you please add the photo?


Ok just did, thanks

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Looks like a surface mount FK series 220uF 25V capacitor per the marking info. Click Here for the options. At this time all of those options are on back order. You can look at all the “220uF 25V” options on our site here.


The 220 Cap and the coil marked coilcraft please

The Coilcraft part I believe is SPT20L-233. The part is not in our system. The 23uH Inductors we have can be seen here.

Datasheet - SPT Series Toroid Power Inductors (

Thanks Jeff

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Can you pls advise the Manufacturer, Part number and Series of the attached e-caps.
Thank You.
.6SY 220 16V
220 JHA. N10
470 25V ZAE

Hello Deepak Bhatiaji and welcome to the DigiKey Forum.

Unfortunately, I am unable to find specifics based on the pictures provided. The Farrad value and voltage value seem to follow the standard markings, however there does not seem to be any available documentation for what could be a series code, date/lot markings, or tolerance markings. The second picture was a bit too illegible to read the print. It is possible that with dimensions and application we may be able to find options in our catalog that may work.

Specifically regarding the part marked 470 25V ZAE its size is: 10mm diameter x 10.5mm height, if that helps somehow to identify its series and vendor.

It is likely to be a part that has low impedance.
The part is currently used in an audio circuit for output coupling and power rail filtering.
Pls propose a suitable part that fits.