Capacitor Spec Sheet

I am having trouble navigating to the capacitor spec sheet on your website.
I managed to click on a spec sheet of a particular capacitor.
Click on this link for a typical example:
files (
This worked only once. Afterward, when I tried to look at the spec sheet for other capacitors. I was never able to navigate to the spec sheet again.

Can you please tell me the general method to navigate to a capacitor spec sheet on your website?

Such documents may or may not be linked for any particular product, since their being served up as a routine matter is still a relatively new phenomenon.

If not linked as the primary datasheet, check the “documents and media” section of the product detail page.


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Hello fly_o_way,

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Not all parts have data sheets on our website and some that link directly to a manufacturers website may be old links that no longer work.

You can take a look a the Documents and Media section and the HTML data sheet document which is a DigiKey address source for the documentation.

Such as:

Hope that helps.

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I tried the method that you proposed for this same product and it did not work.

A memory fragement that I recall to get to that link utilized the term “spec” sheet that I clicked on.

Maybe I did something wrong. I will try again.

I clicked on “character sheet” that worked.

Have you people seen this post that I had made:

Purchase of Capacitor Kit - Passives / Capacitors - Electronic Component and Engineering Solution Forum - TechForum │ DigiKey

When I tried to post it to your website, some unusual formatting resulted and I am not certain if the post was properly received (accepted) by the Digikey website.

Can you tell me if you see my post?

Can you link the DigiKey website you’re looking at?

If you’re looking at our page and filtering the parameters for capacitors your needing, there is a section below the filters that lets you browse products only with data sheet. The check box highlighted in yellow in the image below.

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Thank you for the tip.

I am really looking to purchase a surface mount capacitor kit. I created a link but the post appears to unusual - as if your website sees my post in error. I will try to post a screen shot.

Digikey Forum Screen Shot.bmp (5.9 MB)

Can you see this post in the forum?

Yes I do see that post. Seems like someone has already posted a reply there.
Purchase of Capacitor Kit - Passives / Capacitors - Electronic Component and Engineering Solution Forum - TechForum │ DigiKey

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Thank you for your reply. I am currently overlooking my product selection now. I would like to thank everyone for their help.