Purchase of Capacitor Kit

Dear Sir:

  I tried to use your website search system to find a capacitor kit to purchase from Digikey.

My method of searching for a capacitor kit was not fruitful at all.

   I am looking to purchase a surface mount capacitor kit that begins at the lowest range of ~1.0 micro*Farads and the highest range can be any value because I would like to sample the largest capacitor values available.    I own low capacitance value kits already.   Note:   The capacitor kit must be for AC applications only, unipolar capacitors types (electrolytic) are not wanted.   

    Another priority was constant capacitance over a large frequency bandwidth (greater than ~1MHz), the higher the frequency bandwidth the better.   

    Somehow, a webpage "popped" up sourced from digikey, that displayed a product type that I was looking for.   I was wondering if AI, or a salesperson, was monitoring my search and helped me along.  

    I was never able to reproduce the method that found me this webpage that I am linking below:

    This is a link to the only kit that I found that met some of my standards (I am looking for better bandwidth specs).   

C31-HC01-E6-KIT TDK Corporation | Kits | DigiKey

   When I click on the "substitutes" button, the webpage link returns me to the same webpage.   

   Also, this kit is not recommended for new designs.   

Can a digikey tech support person find me some kits capacitor kits to purchase? Or, at least, show me how to navigate the digikey website (however, I really want to avoid this option - it is too time consuming)

Hello fly_o_way,

I searched for SMD capacitor kits, lowest rating of 0.1uf, and everything higher, and removed the electrolytic and tantalum capacitors.
Click here for the available kits.

Please check the specifications and the datasheets to verify compatibility for your applications.

Hi, again.
I decided to conduct my own product search on the Digikey webpage. On the product selection webpage, I selected (checked off) “compare,” how do I only see the “compared” (checked off) products so I can narrow down my search?

When you have a list of kits, like what I gave you, you can compare some of these.
Once you clicked on the ones you want to compare, there should be a red button on the bottom that says “Compare 2 Products” or what ever number you chose. Click on that button, and it should list the info side-by-side.

Should look like this:

Thank you, David, for your info. Digikey just made a sale because of your excellent customer technical support.

Awesome, thank you fly_o_way !