Connector vs Connector Housing

One very common question that we get here at Digi-Key is “What is the difference between a connector and a connector housing?” In our system, a housing is a connector that does not come with contacts.

Below I have two similar part numbers
Circular connector PT06E-10-6S(SR)-ND
Circular connector housing AIPT06SE10-6S-SR-LC-ND

As you can see they have all the same features, however the connector comes complete with contacts and the housing would require you too order contacts separately. In this example the “LC” in the housing part number actually calls out “less contacts”. This will not be called out in all part numbers.

On the bottom of the housings page you will see a section called Associated Product. Here is where you will find the contacts that belong to your housing. You may also find items such as backshells, strain reliefs, and dummy plugs. If you click on view more you will see a complete list of associated products.

You will also find similar parts listed like this under rectangular connectors and D-Sub connectors as well.