Converting MELF Package to a Standard SMD Package

In the past, MELF (Metal Electrode Leadless Face) packages held popularity because of their typically higher operating temperatures, reliability, and accuracy. Today, many surface mount components are able to meet or exceed these ratings and the MELF package is being supplanted in new and old designs. As always, review manufacturer datasheets to verify the footprints of both parts and confirm if your design can accommodate any differences. Use the section below to help guide you in crossing MELF packages to possible SMD chip package substitutes:

Possible Substitutes
MicroMELF 0102 <-> SMD 0805 (2012 metric)
MiniMELF 0204 <-> SMD 1206 (3216 metric)
MELF 0207 <-> SMD 2512 (6432 metric)