Cross for FS8205A N Channel Mosfet

Several inquiries have been made for this part number, and a request for a possible cross reference. No Description had been given on prior requests. I located the data sheet link below for a Dual N-Channel Enhancement Mode Power Mosfet. Using the parameters of this data sheet, a possible cross was located in Our system of part number

Some noted differences were the Continous drain current at 25c for the
TSM6968DCARVGCT-ND is Continuous drain current at 25c 6.5 amp and the RDS(ON) is 22mOhm @ 6A, 4.5V

For the FS8205A Continous drain current at 25c is 6 amps and the RDS(ON) on is at 25mOhm MAX (Vgs = 4.5v Id= 4A

There may be other differences than noted and the data sheets should be compared for other differences.

FS8205A Data Sheet

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