Digi-Key Packaging and Protection

So you received a package from Digi-key and you may be wondering why there are different types of bags your product comes in. This is due to the programs Digi-key puts in place to protect the product from the environment. Digi-key uses 3 main part categories which will decide how the part is shipped. The categories are as follows:

Regular parts- Components that are not sensitive to static or moisture.

Static sensitive – Components that are sensitive to static

MSL – Components that are sensitive to moisture and can include ESD and regular parts.

Regular part:

Regular electronic components are a wide range of different parts. Defined as nonstatic sensitive and MSL 1. It can include but is not limited to connectors, resistors, capacitors, battery holders, speakers just as an example. These components do not need any special packaging for protection. We use the Transcendia/Purestat PURE-STAT Dissipative Films and Bags. These bags are blue in color, with a low charge generating bags, so we don’t send our customers static generating packaging materials when only using Digi-Key packaging materials.

Static Sensitive:

Digi-key follows the ANSI/ESD S541 for static sensitive parts. Digi-Key defines static sensitive as any component that is sensitive to voltages of greater than 100 volts HBM but less than 8,000 volts HBM or greater than 200 volts CDM but less than 2,000 volts CDM. Digi-Key defines highly static sensitive as any component that is sensitive to voltages of greater than 10 volts HBM, but less than 100 volts HBM or less than 200 volts CDM.

HBM – Human Body Model

CDM – Charged Device Model

Visit this post for more information on the HBM and CDM models and their ranges: What are the ESD models?

These components are so sensitive Digi-key takes special precautions to prevent damage to the parts. The human body can generate thousands of volts and if you touch one of the sensitive components, that charge will be received by the component and will instantly destroy it making it useless. Digi-key uses shoe straps to ground our workers and dissipate these charges into the ground. Grounding table mats are at each work station along with grounding monitors and floor mats.

The static bags Digi-key uses are the zip-top SCS 1000. The bags are transparent silver bags. They create a safe environment for the components as it makes its way to you.

SCS 1000 Datasheet

If you receive static sensitive parts from Digi-key, it is best to store the components in the bag or an ESD safe container. Best grounding practices should be followed when handling.


The Digi-key label you will find on the bag. Red indicates the SS for static sensitive.

Moisture Sensitive:

Digi-key follows the JEDEC J-STD-033 for moisture sensitive products. MSL (Moisture Sensitive Level) is a level system used to identify how sensitive a component is to moisture. Below is an MSL chart:


The hours in the chart represents how long the component can be out of the packaging before you need to bake the component.
Digi-key uses the moisture barrier bags (MBB) SCS D3400.

SCS D3400 Datasheet

These are the chrome-colored bags that should be fully sealed when received. Along with the parts in the bag, it will include desiccants to absorb moisture, and a Humidity Indicator Cards or HIC card to monitor performance. If you do not use all the parts at once, you should reseal the parts in the bag as soon as possible.


The Digi-key label you will find on the bag. Red indicates MSL and blue indicates the need to be sealed.

Information provided by Digi-key Electronics