Facing Error - Your PC ran into a Problem & Needs to Restart


I have tried to install a Digi Accelport PCI card into my windows 10 PC. However, I have been getting a bluescreen error stating:

“Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’re just collecting some error info and then you can restart.” When installing the appropriate drive from digikeys website for my 64B windows 10 pc, the error still persists.

When installing the driver I got the 1722 error which states: “There is a problem with this Windows Installer package…”

Though I found a thread related to this error, I couldn’t find appropriate solution for it.


Hi, Alex, Start your windows in Safe Mode and check for the errors.


@alexbach, the old thread is here:

Here the gist of my answer:

Sadly it looks like Digi (not us) has moved this family (AccelePort) to obsolete status, based on the “Version, 04/20/2017” driver notes from here:

Product Page:

Driver Notes:




I actually went through it first. I couldn’t understand your answer that much that’s why I posted it here.

Can you please explain it in a simpler language. I’m basically a noob to all this. Thanks


@alexbach, Remember we are Digi-Key one of the suppliers of Digi International, Inc products. (Digi International, Inc built and designed this product)

You have a product that has issues with windows 10 based on your post and others that is NO longer supported by it’s manufacture based on their driver notes.

Feel free to contact Digi International, Inc (https://www.digi.com/) directly to see if they have any work-arounds for this Obsolete product.



Hi, please consider the installation guide from this link.


AS for the error, “There Was a Problem Resetting Your PC in Windows 10” is a very general issue. You can easily fix it by trying out both of the solutions.


Also, @RobertCNelson stated it correctly. This forum is not of your use regarding the product.


So, this was eventually what I was looking for. Also, I am so sorry about putting an irrelevant thread here.

Thanks for reaching out thought.


yeah I also want the solution for this problem.
thank you


@Jack97, have you contacted Digi directly on this product?

“Digi” currently lists the “Digi Accelport PCI card” as End Of Life…