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Type: Indicates the style and configuration of the device.

Rated Watts: The amount of wattage the device is able to handle continuously.

Surge Rating (Watts): The amount of wattage the device is able to handle over a short period of time.

Rated Amps: The maximum current the device is able to supply without damage.

Voltage: The voltage the device is made to output when running.

Run Time (Hours): How long the device can run for on full fuel at a particular level of load.

Start Type: Indicates how the generator can be turned on.

Engine Type: Indicates the specific engine being used in the device.

Fuel Capacity (Gallons): Indicates the maximum fuel capacity of the product.

Fuel Type: Indicates the format of the fuel the generator uses to make electricity.

Approval Agency: An indication that the product meets the minimum safety standards of an approving agency. These agencies are either government entities or private third-party labs that protect consumer safety.

Weight (Pounds): Indicates the overall weight of the generator.



DIGI-KEY PART # 3539-GG7200-ND
MANUFACTURER Global Industrial
DESCRIPTION 6500W Electric/Recoil Portable Generator


MFR PART # 249464
DIGI-KEY PART # 3539-249464-ND
DESCRIPTION 6500W Electric/Recoil Portable Generator

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