I need help identifying this filter

Hello. I would like to know the specifications of the filter I have on hand. I hope you can help me to do so.

This filter was used on the Langmuir probe of a French satellite.
All we know is that we see the letters LCC 470.
It can be inferred from this that it is a Pi-Filter with one inductor (L) and two capacitors (C), and that the Values are 47pF.
We would like to know what you know … I would also like to know if there is anything I can do to find out the specifications.
Thank you in advance.


Unfortunately I could verify this part number anywhere.

That’s not an unreasonable guess, but I would suggest treating it more as a theory worth testing than an established conclusion.

I’m not finding much either based on the numbering, but it seems apparent that you have a feed-through device of some type there. Assuming the device is intact, you should be able to gain a fair amount of useful information from direct measurement.

Thank you for your reply.
I appreciate your advice, but I don’t know how to test to clarify what type of feed-through it is.
I don’t know how to test the capacitance either, since I can’t measure it by connecting a multimeter to the filter terminals.
I hope you can give me further advice.