I would like to draw diagonal line between two MOSFETs since I need to draw a cross-coupled pair

Is it possible to draw a cross-coupled pair in a CMOS oscillator with diagonal wires?

@Cody_Walseth Would you happen have insight?

I don’t believe diagonal is an option today for nets, BUT- This could be a work around…


Toss down some pins and lines…


Knock out the pin labels…


Save it.

Open ‘My Custom Symbols’ under ‘User library’ and place it, like so…

Recording 2023-05-25 at 13.32.33

Hope it helps.


I made it public, should you want to just open it and save it (not sure if you can save someone else’s Custom Symbol to your library or not).

Another thought, you could save a few versions and label them with the number of grids they take up-

@ODYYYYYY - If you open Brian’s Project - you can click on the symbol he created and press F2, or right click and select “Edit with Symbol Editor”, to make any changes you wish and save it as your own custom symbol. That way it will be in your personal library for future use.


Thanks a lot!

It’s helpful! Thank you!

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