Identify Creality CR-6 Display Connector

I would like to move the touchscreen on my 3D printer to outside my enclosure. I’ll need an extension cable in order to do this. Can anyone identify this connector? If you need more info, please let me know!

Hello @maymaymoto

Take a look at the XHP-6 from JST

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The suggestion that Robert posted looks promising since JST housings are very commonly used for this purpose. Additional information such as the model number of the printer (there might be repair info), the wire gauge being used, and the pitch of the connector might be helpful. Here is a guide to connectors that includes the reference to “pitch” [ Terminology and Specifications of Headers/Pinheaders ]. It’s simply the distance between the center of each contact.

In a worst case scenario, you may try replacing connectors on both ends of the cable with a new type. That works best if everything is cable/wire mounted. It’s not as easy if you’re taking out a through-hole mounted part inside a device.

Thanks to both of you! I thought about just cutting the wires and splicing in longer leads but am a little hesitant to do something irreversible.

The printer is a Creality CR-6 SE. I can measure the pitch when I get back home.

Splicing an extension into the wires would not have to be irreversible. Your idea is quite valid. There are all sorts of options to consider in that case, and it would avoid the necessity of matching the existing connector. :+1:

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I think that’s the route I’m going to go with…thanks for the reassurance and help!