Identifying an SMD Fuse for Game Boy Color

I’m having trouble figuring out which type of fuse I need.

It’s a surface mount fuse for the Game Boy Color. Some versions simply have the label “20” and some have the label 1.0A 046

They measure approximately .09" x .07" x .1"

I believe they are 1 amp 50V, but I’d like to confirm that before ordering any.


Hello, I have the same problem. I want to know how can I solve it.

An image of the item in question would be helpful; the dimensions indicated would appear to suggest an unusual aspect ratio among products of this sort with which I am familiar.

Here are a couple pictures. There are multiple revisions of the Game Boy Color motherboard, most of the have the ones with the 20 label. The later motherboards display the 1.0A 046

Interesting… Looks like a J-lead package style, perhaps something like a ICP-S1.0TN or UNHS20100L, both of which are now obsolete.

That said, we do have a fair number of other 1A fast-blow fuses in that approximate size range available, listed here; I’d take a second measurement and pick one that looks like it might fit; the land patterns appear to be fairly generously sized, so something a bit on the long side could probably be mande to fit for repair purposes.

It appears that these fuses are more or less for protection against folks using improper adapters than any real safety issue, so I’d suggest that most any of the above that fit would probably suffice, and offer better protection than simply bypassing the fuse element as it seems others with similar issues are inclined to do.

Appreciate it!

Looks like this one is close in size and should fit:

Hey mate,

Did it end up actually fitting and work?



Yep! The one I posted up there fits perfectly. :slight_smile:


That’s great to know, thank you so much!

By any chance, do you know of any reference that would have a higher value? I’m modding my GBC with extra features that draw more current and it keeps blowing the fuse…

Here’s the link to other fuses within the same Kyocera Accu-Guard® II series.

If you find you need a different current rating than the values offered in the link, then here are some other similar fuses which may be worth considering from the Vishay Beyschlag MFU series. Note that these are only rated for 32 Vdc, so be sure your application does not approach that voltage if using these.