Identifying Diodes

Hi if anyone knows what these Diodes are please let me know??

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Thank you for your inquiry.

The wavy material located on your circuit board assembly would be referred to as conformal coating, a material that helps protect the board from moisture/condensation. It is making it impossible to see the markings on your diodes.

Kindly provide part markings and dimensional measurements of the length and width of these devices to allow us to be better able to assist.

Thanks again, let us know if we can be of further assistance.

See if you have these caps

900 caps.jpg

900 caps2.jpg

Hello @WorldECM ,

These seem to be from the MVE series of caps from UCC. Unfortunately it does not appear that 900uF is a value that is orderable and may have been a custom part for this board. I have attached a snip from the datasheet that shows the part markings. Unfortunately I was not able to find a cross in our system.


Based on the β€œ11/03 Delphi” on the PCB, I guess this is from a 17+ year old GM motor vehicle.

Assuming my guess is correct, then it’s very likely that the capacitor is a custom value part that saved GM/Delphi a penny per automobile on the millions of vehicles that used the assembly.

Using a 1000uF capacitor instead of 900uF is extremely unlikely to be a problem since the tolerance of those parts make their actual values overlap significantly (720/1080 vs. 800/1200).

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