In ear monitor parts distributor

Hello, our company is looking forward to produce in ear monitors. We want to know if you can provide us with any useful information about where we can find dealers to buy parts for manufacturing. We need balanced armature speakers and 2-pin connector systems to 3.5 mm jack (just like in a photo).
Screenshot 2023-09-13 171758


We would have 3.5mm audio plug connectors like what is shown.
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As for the 2-pin connector you show.
What other specifications would you have?
Center to center contact distances?

Regarding miniature transducers, Knowles Acoustics is perhaps the leading source carried by DK. See this link for product of that sort.

For the 2-pin connections, it looks as if a machined pin connector system may have been used in the example given, as part of a custom wiring harness. Samtec, Preci-Dip, and Mill-Max are a few leading manufacturers of this type of product that we can offer.

Do you have cord with 3.5 mm on one end and two 2-pin connectors on the other end, for the headphones?

The 2-pin system we have has 1.8 mm center to center distance and pin-diameter 0.8 mm.

About 2-pin connector. I found out these are called CIEM 0,78 mm 2 pin tf10 angled Even found producty from aliexpress Earphone Upgrade Cable 2 Pin 0.78mm 3.5mm Right Angle Plug Replacement Earbuds Cord with Mic for AS10 AS06 ZST ZS3 ES4 hot sale - AliExpress

Do you have product like this or by any chance know where to purchase it? And of course we need female connector for it.

I wasn’t able to find a complete cable assembly but we do have these cable options with the 3.5mm connector on one end and bare wire on the other to attach the 2 pin connector.

Thank you for the effort.