Jumper Identification Needed

Hello, I recently lost a jumper for an amplifier that I need a replacement for. Attached is a couple of photos of it. All help is appreciated.

Hi Jeremiah,
Welcome to the Digikey TechForum. Judging by the photos it looks like the pin spacing is just short of 1/4 inch. Take a look at part 36-1460B-ND as a possible option, this one has 0.2 inch pin spacing.

Thanks. Is there an option that’s closer to 3/16 of an inch? I will order both.

The closest I see to 3/16 inch spacing is part 1195-5632-ND which is a different style but has a 0.181 inch pin spacing.

Hi jeremiah.merkel,

Your measurement looks like a long 3/16 inch, based on your photos. 3/16 inches is 0.187 inches, which is only 0.013 inches less than 0.200 inches, or about 1/77th of an inch difference. I’d be very surprised if it were not a 0.200" jumper.

Here’s the dimensions given in the datasheet for the 36-1460B-ND @Steve_Fellman mentioned:


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