KLD-2 radar interfacing

I need to interface my KLD2 radar to my PC , I need to get I , Q values. What type of processors I need to use and what is connection ?

Hi @Ebtisam, which kit/device did you order?

The main development kit should come with an FTDI serial adapter you can use to directly communicate with the device.


Hi ,
It’s K-LD-2 radar kit , with Bothe radar and the evaluation kit.
I want to connect the Radar directly to my PC and process the data my self.

Based on the data sheet, just use the FTDI serial adatper:



Yes it’s working with the attached adapter but it’s giving me on-time data that I can’t process 'already processed and I have access to the final graphs only" . I need I , Q data from the radar directly to use my own processing. Connection to PC is shown in the data sheet but it is not clear.

how to connect this to the radar?

i removed that post/part number, it’s incompatible, it would do the same thing as the FTDI adapter you have (if it could be connected…)


Take a look at this datasheet, the full command list is avaiable:

You can access this thru the ‘terminal’ option in their software… Or any standard serial terminal program…

  • Baud rate 38400 bps
  • 8 data bits
  • 1 stop bit
  • no parity, no handshake