LED Standoff

When LEDs on the board suffer an external mechanical stress (such as vibration and collision), one design worry is that the LED light source cannot maintain its correct position or alignment in your device. In this situation, LED Standoffs (or LED Spacers) can help.


Generally, LED Standoffs (or LED Spacers) are cylindrical shaped, insulated body components that act as stable, protected bases to mount LEDs in.

LED Standoffs are useful in applications that can protect the LED’s leads during board assembly, then support and space LED’s the proper desired distance from your chassis. LED Standoffs can lift the LED light source and position it where you need it to be, enhancing product design flexibility; they’re convenient for PCB cleaning processes as well, and help prevent LED leads from short circuiting.

For example, Essentra Components offers an LED nylon spacer series which fits standard T-1 and T-1 ¾ LEDs. They raise the LED off the surface of the board. The spacers also minimize shifting and height variation, ensuring product uniformity and easy production.